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Geberit School Project South Africa – DAY 9

We finally reached the day everyone has been waiting for: our sports day! The children were positively quivering with excitement as they all kitted up in their shorts and coloured shirts. We had great fun playing soccer, netball, hockey and cricket with kids from all ages! Festive music and lots of laughter could be heard all over.

On the other hand, we got creative and continued our work on the murals. The kids were more than eager to assist with painting, carrying buckets and drawing outlines! After long hours in the warm African sun, we finished three murals and plenty of games on the tarmac. Success! The children continue to impress us every day! If they are not singing and painting, they are beating us in soccer! Saskia had a hard time defending the Young Explorers team, but we ended an eventful day in good spirits.

In the evening we were treated to a traditional Cape Malay curry prepared by two teachers, Taryn and Sheila. We sang and joked as we cooked, discovering more about each other with every minute. It is great to see how these South Africans open their arms and hearts to us!

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