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Geberit School Project South Africa – Day 7

Every day is full of different activities from which we are learning a lot about the culture. Today we continued building the food garden and painting the walls white as preparation for the murals which we will do with the pupils. However, our main part today was poster making and Art. The Young Explorers were divided up into groups of two and went into one class for drawing posters about different topics. The children made posters about South Africa, Hygiene and Sanitation, Pollution and Water. By drawing the posters we realized how creative and passionate the kids are about art and thus we got a lot of amazing and informative posters.

The most passionate and motivated pupils got selected to help design the murals. During our time in the classrooms we sadly realized that the relation between the pupils and the teachers is different from what we are used to. Many pupils don't have any kind of respect for their teachers so the teachers sometimes had to be very strict. Surprisingly, us Young Explorers got along very well with the children and we had a lot of fun and got wonderful results. So we can say that the Art day was a great success!

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