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Geberit School Project South Africa – DAY 15

Blog 26th July 2012, written by Saskia Bauer Today was our last working day at Fontein Combined School and we still had some things to be done: The food garden is now officially finished after having carried 7 tons of stones up from the school yard as they had been delivered to the wrong place. But with the help of some keen learners we packed them into bags of around 25kg each and carried them up to the garden. The two scarecrows we built to prevent the birds from eating the seeds symbolize the successful building of the vegetable garden, may it give the community lots of fun while gardening, friendships and above all fresh food. Our second mission of the day was to finish the murals. Ben impressed us all with his incredible art skills as he painted at least 20 faces on one wall that were all unique and completely different from each other. The last wall we did shows the South African Flag, Europe with the Mike Horn expedition center and PANGAEA in the middle. All of us signed our name so that the kids have something to remember us. Let’s hope that this wasn’t the last project in Port Elizabeth and we come back to continue our work. We’ve built friendships with the kids and teachers which we have to keep for the future. For me that was one of my main expectations which is now fulfilled: becoming friends with people from a totally different background and starting to understand their lives. These people have taught me a lot and I enjoyed it very much to learn from them.

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