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Geberit School Project South Africa – DAY 14

written by Robyn and Leni Team 1

Today was a successful day of planning and organising for half of our group.

We had an early start to the day arriving at the school as soon as possible in order to get as much work done. Time is officially of the essence. We kicked off the day with a giant community clean-up collecting… bags of rubbish. It was an eye-opening experience walking through the littered fields!
The planting in the food garden has now begun! An exciting day for everyone, symbolising a successful task!

The installation of the completed benches has also begun and the school is truly looking beautiful at the moment! The murals are completed, the bins are being used and the school yard is looking clean! We are all very proud!

We handed out the new recycled stationary packs to a majority of the classes and organized the rest of the donated goods, counting and packing them, for tomorrow’s distribution!


Tuesday July 24, 2012 – Team 2

written by Saskia and Lani

Take 240 kids, 9 teachers and 4 Young Explorers (plus Michael) to interesting places and you get a day fully packed with fun and great memories.

Today we organized a visit to Bayworld which is a museum with sections about reptiles, dinosaurs, sea life and the highlight: a pool with seals, African Penguins and sea turtles. The kids were fascinated by all these animals that they have never seen before and were especially excited about the seals swimming majestically in the pool.

Just before we left we were lucky to see a little show with the seals in which they performed a few tricks in exchange for their lunch. The kids enjoyed it a lot and had a good laugh when the seals playfully waved their flippers at the end of the show.

After a well-deserved lunch at Bayworld, the kids filled up the four busses again and we were ready to head off to the Sea View Lions Park. Here you can go on a mini safari to see giraffes, zebras, tigers and of course lions. When Simon asked the kids at the beginning of the trip if they were excited to see the lions, they all yelled “YEEEEES”. But when these seemingly brave seven-year olds were separated from the lions by a mere fence, they didn’t seem to be too self-confident anymore. However, in the end they thoroughly enjoyed waving at Joseph, or, Judith and some of the other characters in the park. The visit to Bayworld and the lion park ended up being a whole lot of fun and the kids went home with big smiles on their faces.

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