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Explore to Restore – Day 1

NEW YORK NEVER SLOWS DOWN, and the Young Explorers are busy the moment they arrive. From boat cleaning, media interviews and filming, hosting guest sponsors on the boat, unpacking and provisioning, and squeezing in a little time for tourism, the first day of the Explore to Restore Program is a smashing hit.

Blog written by Lauren Morrell

Day 1: begins at 4:00 AM after a short sleep for 3 Young Explorers, Saraya D’Ath, Leonard Schölch and Lauren Morrell. Once we got off the train from Annapolis to New York City, we were lost. We knew the boat was in downtown Manhattan. But which way is south when you’re faced with skyscraper buildings in each direction? Coincidentally we noticed the sun reflecting in a high rise, shiny window and used it to determine East, where the sun rises, and therefore South below it. It’s an unusual way to navigate the city! When we finally saw the boat’s unmistakable double-mast between the skyscrapers, there was so much excitement as we ran to greet our second home.

After some press filming and boat cleaning, the YEPs had a short time to explore before we needed to be back for an event with our sponsor, Officine Panerai. So much to see in so little time! But taking Mike’s advice and living life to the fullest, we decided to take a risk being late and see it all. We managed to visit the Statue of Liberty Overlook, the 9/11 Memorial, 5th Avenue, the Plaza Hotel, Central Park and Times Square all in 1.5 hours!

Sailing with the Panerai guests was beautiful, overlooking the Statue of Liberty from the deck of our beloved sailboat. We enjoyed sharing our experiences with the curious Panerai guests.

Afterwards we met the rest of the YEPs who were arriving from other continents and spent the evening enjoying this busy island!

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