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Expedition Stop Auckland

The last week has had a jam packed schedule of visits to the boat, from press to school groups, from maintenance to fix-it men, and of course family and relatives of Mike's New Zealand born wife, Cathy.

With the restocking done and Pangaea in ship-shape condition, she left Auckland City at 18h30 last night.

Mike reports, "It was a wonderful time we had in New Zealand and a very successful leg with our Young Explorers trip in the Fiordlands. We are now preparing the YEP Indonesian leg that will take place in October and are currently selecting our next group of Young Explorers who will come to Switzerland for the preselection camp. Times are busy for the team as there are many events to prepare in Australia and in the coming few months as we make our way up the Pacific, Islands, Indonesia and Asia."

"Since we left at 18h30 we have been cruising nicely at 9 knots. Calms seas are expected as we pass over the Northern tip of New Zealand and in about 6 days we'll arrive at our next stop-over point, Sydney."

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