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Everglades USA Exped – Day 3

Tuesday, November 15th
USA Expedition blog:  Sail from Fort Lauderdale to Key Largo
by Jule Holland

Today we got to sleep in a little and had a calm morning getting the boat ready to sail. We left Port Everglades harbor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at about two o’clock and set sail on a 100-mile trip in the direction of Key Largo – the largest and northernmost island in the Florida Keys . We were all so excited to finally sail Pangaea!

Setting up the main and the stay sail, we needed all helping hands. After that we enjoyed a beautiful view over the ocean. We had only little waves, almost no clouds in the sky and the sun gave the sea a silver-blue shimmer. It was awesome to sit in the front of PANGAEA and feel the wind blow in our face and the water splashing onto us. This is what we all have been waiting for so long, just feeling pure freedom!

When the sun was about to set we saw three dolphins  jumping out of the water and later on there was a beautiful firework at the horizon. During our watch shift Aya and I had to look out for other ships, keep a close eye on the shallow water depth and maintain the course of Pangaea.

As we are going to keep on sailing throughout the whole night everyone must serve a two-hour night-watch-shift, every six hours.

We are all looking forward to tomorrow and our arrival to Key Largo! 

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