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Day 58 Trek to the South Pole

"The only piece of equipment that I didn't bring a replacement off because I was assured they would never break! I repaired it the best I could but each big bump I went over my ski fell off. I am now travelling downhill and pick up great speed. Falling is not so great when you're moving at 40 kms/hr!! The next thing of course, my sled would follow and hit me from behind at huge speeds and the cords of my kite would end up all tangled again.

The 7sqm kite that Daniel from Pleinair gave to me is fantastic and a pleasure to use. I'm really enjoying myself.

After all the struggling yesterday, I managed to do 85kms and am now at 86°34'S and 82°53'W.

I'm getting closer to Patriots. They don't seem to want to take me off the ice yet so I will keep on enjoying myself while I can!"

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