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Day 57 Trek to the South Pole

Next thing I would need to untangle the cords, change the kite again, etc… The entire day continued like this and after 15hrs of hard slog I only managed to do only 43 kms!

I can feel that the summer is coming to an end as there is less heat in the sun. As for me, I keep myself warm when I kite by wearing my down trousers, jacket and big mitts. My face is protected from the wind so I can feel the frostbite on my chin and lips is slowly improving.

In a few more weeks the sun will start setting and the Antarctic bases will be closed. After speaking with Patriot Hills it seems that they will let me stay a few extra days on the ice. It would be great if I can get to Patriot Hills within this time.

Today the winds seem to be stable but are more Easterly than Southerly. It may be difficult for me to move with the kite but I'll give it all I've got!"

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