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Day 51 Trek to the South Pole

The team are thrilled to have achieved their goal and to be able to share in this victorious moment together.

Mike Horn, renown South African explorer, started his South Pole expedition from the northern edge of the Antarctic continent on the 1st of December 2008. This Antarctic leg represents the first expedition of Pangaea (Pan Global Adventure for Environmental Action ) and Antarctica is the first continent to be visited throughout the four year global project, which departed from Ushuaia, the southernmost town of Argentina, in October 2008.

Throughout this journey, employing the Young Explorers Programme (otherwise know as YEP) young adults from around the world, are being invited to join Mike Horn on various stages of his expedition.

Clémence Cadario (20yrs, FR) and Nicolas Valdivieso (18yrs, Chile), two YEP candidates who applied to join Pangaea via attended the first Selection Camp in Château d'Oex in September 2008. Six of the 12 chosen candidates had the opportunity to explore the Antarctic Peninsula in October 2008 with Mike Horn and whereas Clémence and Nicolas were chosen to meet up with Mike Horn later, as he skied the last degree to the South Pole.

Mike reports " Clémence and Nicolas are tired but content. They have excelled in their efforts to push forward under the harsh Antarctic conditions. They will be amongst the youngest young adults to ever ski the last degree to the South Pole and certainly they would rank as the fastest of their age. It's wonderful to be able to share these great moments of achievement with the younger generation and to hand down some of the knowledge and passion that I have for the environment and exploration."

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