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Day 40 Trek to the South Pole

Mike advanced 33kms yesterday and is now 199kms away from the Pole. His position this morning was 88°13.85 S, 81°42.928 W.

Even with very difficult conditions, strong head-on winds and deep snow, Mikes’ progression has been very good over the last few days.

“I have continued to climb in altitude and have now reached the last plateau before the pole. I am at 2700m of altitude and the pole is at 2834m.

The temperature has dropped and with these violent wind gusts, the temperature must to be around -40°C! As expected, my face is frozen on the nose and chin, but luckily no problem with the hands and feet. I take every precaution necessary to not expose them to the cold.” Says Mike.

Mike must be careful! A frozen finger may mean the end of his expedition.
Two days ago, another potential problem could have stopped him. A ski had pierced a fuel bottle in his sled and the fuel leaked over his extra clothing and some of his food. It took Mike two good hours to verify which of his food had been contaminated and to clean up the leaked fuel. Wisely Mike stored his food on the opposite side of the sled so this incidence had little consequence apart from the fact that Mike will have to stay in the same clothing until the end of the expedition!

News of Borge, Clémence and Nicolas is also good. They were finally able to take their plane to Patriots Hills. The Antarctic adventure finally starts for our two young explorers. Excitement is running high at Patriots Hills as they should be meeting up with Mike tomorrow!!!

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