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3rd of February, Day 3

We woke up anchored next to the south west coast of North Cinque Island. The snorkeling of the previous evening showed that not everyone was really comfortable under water, so we decided to start the day with some basics exercises.

The Young Explorers were taught how to use their flippers correctly, how to swim under water and most importantly,  the art of emptying their snorkel when arriving on the surface of the water. We continued the exercise with some duck dives… which to start off with, was not so easy for everyone.

The Young Explorers learnt quickly and after a while they all seemed to be quite relaxed and comfortable in the water. We then swam and looked at the corals and fish in a picturesque shallow bay.
For some of the Young Explorers this was their first experience and discovery of the underwater world.

Back at the boat we set up sails and headed south towards Passage Island, 8Nm from North Cinque Island. We found a nice, sheltered spot to anchor which was close to the Island. The diversity and abundance of the marine life was spectacular and the Young Explorers spent one whole hour in the water, discovering the beauty of this magnificent region.

Everyone came back to the boat for lunch and we then sailed up to North Cinque Island. The north east coast of the island is surrounded with beautiful lagoon blue waters and it wasn't difficult to find a nice
sheltered place to anchor. The water was calm and flat – a perfect spot to introduce the 9 Young Explorers to their next test – scuba diving!

After a thorough explanation of the entire equipment and an introduction of the basics of diving, we took the excited Young Explorers to very shallow water , simulating a first dive experience in a swimming pool situation.

Lesson number 2 – learning how to use the equipment in the water and initiation to breathing techniques. Once that was achieved, they learnt how to control their buoyancy. Mission accomplished – after 45 minutes they had learnt the basics of scuba diving. They had the ability to stay under water, breath under water and
move under water and all felt comfortable and relaxed in this new environment.

Back on the boat for a good dinner. We stood anchored next to North Cinque Island for the night in a beautiful and quite place, far from any other civilization.


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