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The Young Explorer’s first evening in the Andaman Islands was spent under the stars on Pangaea’s deck. They all woke up at 8am and what an amazing sight to wake up to! The first thing they saw when they opened their eyes was the mangrove forest, an amazing lush, dense, forest with white sand beaches and clear ocean water. A self help breakfast was on the menu today, with yoghurt, muesli, fresh baked bread and butter, honey, jam, tea and coffee.

At 9:30 am the Young Explorers were taken ashore for a 5 hour trek through the mangrove forest. Umeed our guide, encouraged the group to speak in soft whispers while he pointed out the local residents of spiders, snakes, frogs and lizards. Progress was very slow as our inquisitive explorers stopped to take photos and images during this spectacular tour.

Several hours later the group ended up on the beach. As the path was blocked by the high tide it was decided to stop for a cup of tea and a biscuit.. Later the YEP’s back-tracked and accelerated their pace like a hungry horse returning to its stable, because they knew that lunch would be waiting on their return to the ANET base.

After a ‘full on’ Indian meal Pangaea lifted anchor yet again and sailed for two hours down south.  It was at 4pm when she arrived at the Twin Islands. There was still just enough time go snorkeling and to discover the amazing under water world of the Andaman Islands.

Unfortunately nightfall came quickly so the snorkeling did not last as long as we would have hoped. It will not matter however as tomorrow will also present some wonderful snorkeling opportunities and an brief introduction to scuba diving.

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