Sailing to Tenerife

Caught a big fish today
Caught a big fish today!

Strong winds hinder Pangaea’s traverse from Cape Verde to the Canary Islands.

‘The trip was slow and unpleasant due to head-on winds and big swells’, say Mike. The crew tried to enter into a port last night to get some much needed rest but unfortunately  the winds baffled them once again. They were forced to retreat and continue their journey to Tenerife.

Today the winds have calmed down and the fishing lines are out.

Soon they will arrive in Tenerife and get the must deserved rest that they are in need of.

Pangaea arrives at Cape Verde

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean
Pangaea stops at Cape Verde

Mike and Pangaea arrive at Cape Verde!

Located on the African continent, Cape Verde is one of a group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal with a population of 508,659 inhabitants.

Their arrival was an interesting one as strong winds dragged the boat and pulled Pangaea off her anchor. After a day of diving and searching,

Mike eventually found the anchor and managed to get it re-attached to the chain that was holding it.

At last it’s time for customs clearance and a sleep before Mike and his crew hoist anchor again and head to the Canaries, continuing their journey to Europe.

The Atlantic Crossing


Pangaea traverses the Atlantic Ocean
Pangaea traverses the Atlantic Ocean

After a long technical stop-over in Brasil, Mike and his crew hoist Pangaea’s anchor and begin the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean – first stop Fernando Noronha, a beautiful island just 300nm from Recife. Pangaea leaves the island accompanied with a school of playful dolphins and continues her journey towards Cape Verde, 570 kilometres (350 miles) off the coast of Western Africa.

En route to Recife

Mike trains the German Football Team
Pangaea stops at Bahia da Salvador

After a short stop-over in Bahia da Salvador where Mike welcomed the German Football Team onboard Pangaea for a day of motivational training, Mike and his crew hoist Pangaea’s sails once again, this time heading north to Recife.

Mike Horn – The Adventure Legend

He’s faced-off polar bears, crocs and K2 and puts his survival down to listening to his inner voice.

There are not many adventurers who are living legends, but Mike Horn is one of them. He’s circumnavigated the globe along the equator, swum the Amazon, trekked to the North Pole in winter and recently taken to climbing 8,000m mountains for relaxation. Just before setting off on his latest expedition to Makalu, he explains why the slow slog of high altitude mountaineering agrees with him and what to do when a polar bear sits on you.

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Modern Day Adventurer
Mike Horn – Adventure Legend


Kathmandu represents a quick stop-over for Mike and his team. Here they take a few days to sort out the last of their equipment and if need be to pick up the final odds and ends in Kathmandu’s touristic shopping centers..

The team are anxious to break loose from the hussle of city life and to start their trek up to the base camp of Makalu in a few days time but beforehand have the time to appreciate the beautiful images of this scenic Hindu city.

Mike Appears on HuffingtonPost Live

With a pair of major expeditions scheduled for the next few months, Mike was able to go on HuffingtonPost LIVE and discuss his lifetime of adventure, and everything he has coming up with Makalu and Pole to Pole 360.

It’s a great interview, with some amazing stories — polar bears jumping into this sled, tips on avoiding piranhas and poison plants in the jungle — and Mike’s typical dry wit and wisdom.


Click here to watch the video.

Mike Horn on Huffington Post LIVE


An Expedition for the 21st Century


pangaea boat in oceanFor 25 years, Mike Horn has inspired and educated the world by pushing the limits of human ability through a series of groundbreaking expeditions. He has circumnavigated the globe entirely under human power, followed the Artic Circle around the globe during the Artic winter, and swum the length of the Amazon River.

In August 2014, Mike embark on his next great adventure, Pole to Pole 360. Mike will attempt to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe north-to-south in a continuous, single year expedition.

Mike will begin this groundbreaking expedition from Europe, then sail his boat, the Pangaea, south to Cape Town, South Africa, the nation where Mike was born. From there it’s across the Southern Ocean to Antarctica, where he will cross Antarctica on skis. Crossing finished, he will sail the Pacific from south to north, ending up in the Arctic. From there, he will travel by ski and kayak to Greenland, where he returns to his boat and finishes his trip by sailing back to Europe.

Two separate but equally intriguing stories will unfold. As it circumnavigates the globe, Pangaea will be in a constant state of adventure and exploration. While Mike is consumed by making the solo crossings of Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean, his 110-foot sailboat will be moving toward his exit points. The boat will act as a platform for research, education and ancillary expeditions with other world class adventurers and athletes in seldom-explored regions of the world.

Mike’s journey will be documented on this website, on video, on film and digital video and via social media. Mike will bring a crew of up to 30 people, and Pangaea provides ample room for a team of athletes, filmmakers, photographers and writers. In addition, Pangaea is complete with the latest technology, including a satellite uplink, providing real-time communication from anywhere in the world.

This becomes the greatest exploratory expedition of the 21st century, an unbelievable adventure with the best athletes in the world, going to the farthest reaches of the planet.

We hope you’ll follow this expedition, which starts in September.

Mike prepares for Makalu


New expeditions are on the go for Mike!

Next week, Mike leaves for the Makalu Expedition. At 8463m, Makalu is the fifth highest mountain in the world, and it is situated at the border of Nepal and China.

Mike will attempt to summit Makalu mountain with Valasian climber Fred Roux.

Today Mike tested out some parapentes designed by David Getaz.

Weather permitting, Mike will try and use a parapente for the descent of Makalu.


Mike is in a constant state of travel and adventure , so keep up to date on all his expeditions !