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Calm after the YEP India

After two long days of traveling our YEP's finally arrive home to their respective homes around the world.

"Quiet is once again installed on Pangaea and her crew," says Mike." The Indian YEP was amazing! Our Young Explorers were able to EXPLORE-LEARN-ACT amongst the most prestine surroundings of the Andaman Islands and the Indian mainland."

"We explored some of the most amazing reefs and saw abundant, colourful marine life, better than aything we have seen before. Nevertheless, signs of human disregard is apparent with litter very obvious on even the most deserted and isolated beaches. There were countless opportunities for us to ACT with beach clean-ups. Our enthusiastic team of Young Explorers relished each clean-up, totally enriched by the experience and the feeling of well-doing."

"The youths also had the opportunity to discover the Wildlife Sanctuary of the Sunderbans, home to the endangered Bengal Tiger andto visit children from a large state school as well as a school for children whose parents suffer from leprosy. Interaction with the local people was just another highlight for our Young Explorers who were eager to discover more about the cutures and tradition of the Indian people."

Pangaea is now back to her 4 person crew who are currently in Thailand , preparing for her trip to Langkawi, Malaysia tomorrow.

Another mission accomplished and another starting very shortly on the shores of Malaysia. Watch this space and discover what's happening next.

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