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Broad Peak – summit attempt

4th of July 2010

Waiting, waiting and waiting….Some people spend their entire life waiting for something that will never come. “I would rather be waiting for good weather than for nothing.” It is a game of patience. Patience is one of my weakest points, so often nature reminds me that I’m not in control but she is. No matter what I do or say, how much you have or not, who you are, how much you stress about it, nature always has the last word. She has this wonderful way of giving us all the same opportunity. The only difference is, what you are going to make out of it.

The weather window will come when the time is due. All you have to do is to be like an athlete in the starting blocks, waiting for the shot to leap ahead, release the energy, see the opportunity, and take the risk that it involves. Some would still be sitting there waiting for the moment that has just gone by.

It might all sound a bit philosophical but I have to often remind myself that if you want to succeed in what you set out to do, it is always up to you and whom you surround yourself with.

The wind is very strong up in altitude and we are looking up at Broad peak with the clouds flying over the summit, and sweeping the snow up into the air. Many would think it is bad weather but the way we should look at it, is that there will be less snow to fight through on the way to the top.

Mike Horn

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