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Broad Peak Rescue Mission

Things did not go exactly as planned for Mike and his team on K2. Yesterday Mike called from Broad Peak Camp 2 and explained that himself and Fred had been asked to go on a rescue mission to try and locate 3 young Iranian climbers that have got lost on this unforgiving mountain after reaching the summmit on the 16th of July. The descent proved to be more complicated than expected for the Iranian team as they couldn't come down via standard route and had to bivouac some nights above C3. The last communication the Iranians had with basecamp was on July the 20th and at this time Mike and Fred were advancing to their position on the mountian. TIme is unfortunately running out for the Iranians who have now been without food and water for several days.

We are waiting anxiously for news from Mike.

Mike and Fred both summitted Broad Peak in July of 2010.

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