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Bring on the YEPs!

Blog written by Dan Cullum, 19, New Zealand

Expectation, is a wonderful thing!

All too often I hear people refuse to talk about their expectations for fear of being let down, for fear of it not living up to what they imagined it to be. I personally believe we have the choice to make every experience what we want it to be, and never before have I felt so expectant for the journey of a lifetime.

I know and understand that the way I see the world will be altered and inspired in a little more than two days time. I come with an excited determination to make sure that every moment spent on Pangaea with Mike and my fellow YEPs will be one of immense learning. I am expecting to be blown away by mother nature in a way that I have never encountered before.

I just cannot wait to be on board Pangaea. After watching her journey around the globe, seeing the rich experiences on the faces of the people in the videos, and hearing so many stories, I need to be a part of it. Ever since the Selection Camp, I have been captured by the beauty of sailing, traveling vast distances only by the power of the wind. That to me, is connecting with nature.

All in all, I feel beyond blessed right now, to be embarking upon such an amazing expedition. Completely grateful and thankful for this opportunity.

I am going expectant for a life changing experience, because I know with this attitude, it will be nothing short of it.

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