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Borneo ACT Project – Day 7

YEP version by Leonard and Saraya of Tick Tock by Ke$ha

Wake up in the morning feeling slightly dizzy, got my snorkel I’m out the hatch gonna hit this reefy

Before I leave for the reef to perform a reef check cause when I go below the surface I ain’t turning back

I’m kicking water thru my toes toes tryin not to pose pose, buoys bobbin up and down down

Sink down I’m repp’n my favourite city Swimming with all my fishies, tryna get right my buoyaannncyy

“Please stop, don’t just talk cos you’ll blow the corals up, please stop I will fight till the corals are all right

Flip flop to the top but the fishing wont stop no oh oh ooohh” x2 = Chorus

Aint got no air in my tank but got plenty to see, aint got no food in my stomach but I really don’t care

Now the sharks are lining up coz they have got good manners they ain’t really scary but they’re actually nice

I’m talkin ‘bout them finning til they’re dead dead Nothing gets through their head head Gonna chase them if they get too close close If I have to I’m gonna even ram their boats boats And the YEP-pies shut them down down YEP-pies shut them down down YEP-pies shut them DOWN

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: You chop them up you let them drown You break my heart yeah you hurt me

Put your hands up We got you now Release those sharks yeah we got you

You chop them up you let them drown You break my heart yeah you hurt me

We got your lines Put your nets down Put your nets down Put your nets dooowwwnnn

Now the finning don’t stop till the YEPS walk in


The YEPfied version of this song represents our mission for the Borneo ACT project, through it we hoped to spread the Pangaea message.

We started the day with a workshop on mapping procedures. We then put our knowledge to the test when we mapped Bilean Island which is located on the North-East side of Sabah in the Sulu Sea. This required GPS coordinates and systematic pacing, with which we made a topographical map of our very own paradise.

The afternoon was then spent doing a shallow water reef check to understand more about the state of the coral and marine life on the Island of Billean.

This was another meaningful and productive day, bringing us ever closer to achieving our objectives.


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