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Borneo ACT Project – Day 6

The smell of dead, premature turtles marked our day as we helped out at the sea turtle hatchery on Lankayan Island. Eagerly did we dig up the nests, in search for eggs that had not yet hatched and counted the total of eggs and shells found.

Unfortunately, there were also some eggs that had rotten in the process of maturing, halfway devoured by worms. Of particular interest is the peculiar smell of the slime that for some reason was repeatedly attracted by people’s (especially Lauren’s) face.

Nevertheless, it was touching to experience this morning and we all learned to appreciate life in an altered way.

After snorkeling back to Pangaea, surrounded by sharks and a family of clown fish (Nemo), we were briefed on how to conduct reef checks and shortly after we disappeared into the deep, underwater world of Jawfish Lair.

The breathtaking marine biodiversity and the incredibly large amount of fish and corals made the identification process more challenging than expected. However, diving with identification charts and documentation slates made us even more attentive to the beauty that was surrounding us.

Later, a delicious lunch of an Asian vermicelli dish cooked by our chef, Yewsing replenished our energy before we headed back to Lankayan for yet another beach clean-up. Although Lankayan is an eco-resort that is cared for, we found ourselves filling (too) many bags with debris washed ashore.

We strongly believe that we have made a difference by taking all of today’s actions and hope to be able to inspire more youth around the world to be the change we want to see.

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