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An eventful stop-over in Shanghai

It was a long stop-over in Shanghai but Mike and his crew were kept very busy with events.

Swiss partner Geberit AG invited their employees and VIP's onboard Pangaea and they listened with enthusiasm as Mike Horn discussed the Pangaea Expedition and its objectives to enlighten the youths of today towards the beauty of the planet.

Young Chinese Explorer, Jun Li was also present and was able to explain to the guests about her expediton to New Zealand and her environmental activities there after. To take the message even further Mike Horn gave two speeches to large crowds at the University of Shanghai.

With Geberits event over, Mercedes-Benz then took over, and during one week invited many guests, journalists and VIP's onboard to meet Mike, discover the sailboat and learn about the Pangaea Expedition. Not only were their guests able to learn about Mike Horn's mission but they could also visit the Shanghai Expo tosee the Pangaea display and discover new mobility solutions such as the electric MB Smart car – the mobility of the future.

Mercedes-Benz witnessed the installation of the new Pangaea sails with the new Mercedes-Benz star logo. This feat, long in the planning merited a good glass of Mumm Champagne. With administration very difficult in China, Pangaea managed to hoist her new sails with the majestic Shanghai skyline in the background. The pictures are living proof of this  – the first foreign vessel in 10 years to hoist her sails in Shanghai!!!

Our thanks go to Geberit and Merceds-Benz for the great stop-over in Shanghai!

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