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Amazon Expedition – Day 3

Blog written by Alex Minder
What a day! If anyone would have taken a glimpse into our lives today, their hearts would have been plagued with pangs of jealousy.
The day started off with a tropical storm sailing session. It is an incredible feeling to be keeling over on the Rio Negro, the rain hitting your face as hard as hail as you winch to bring up the main sail. After an exhilarating start to the day, we gathered around the beautiful conference room for a taste of Christian’s delicious cooking.
We spent an incredible time snorkeling in the swamp, truly being in nature, guided by the man that had spent 6 months crossing this terrain. We saw a blue morphis butterfly, one of the most beautiful creatures in the rainforest. We then learnt about all of the dangers of the dreaded bushmaster; a snake that can drop down from trees onto your head.
That then led to an awesome time spent being hoisted up to the top of the mast, to be greeted by a tremendous view of the largest archipelago in the world, the Anavilhanas islands. Being up there, standing on the third stay of the mast and looking out over the luscious, dense rainforest, we were truly on top of the world.
We concluded the day with an exhilarating few hours spent paddleboarding. We were given free reign to take off down the river, and venture into the swamps and marshes. That was when I truly felt like we were explorers; bushwhacking through the flooded rainforest; I felt like a Pangaea Young Explorer.



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