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Africa Selection Camp – Day 5

Blog written by Nadine Schutte & Oliver Engelhart

After receiving our Mike Horn pocket knifes from the Wenger representative last night, we went to sleep expecting to be woken up by the team for some mid-night exercise, but thank god we weren't, but today we were warned to sleep ready for anything!

Today we woke up with a slight break to the normal scheduled and headed out to lake Geneva. There we started our sailing adventure with the Panerai sailing experts. Ollie and his twin, Seb, being keen sailors themselves, helped out on their team boats by showing the others what to do. They assisted the instructors by helping teach the Young Explorers about some of the basics like knot tying and simple tacking and gybing.
For Nadine who has never been on a boat before, the experience was extra ordinary. The feeling of slicing through the water effortlessly was unique and she cant wait to do it again. Even though there wasn't that much wind we all had a blast and wish that we continue the adventure on PANGAEA in Africa.

Over our picnic lunch at the lake we invented a new game of Orangina bowling. The game consisted of empty Orangena cans being set up in the traditional bowling pyramid. We then plugged another can full of water and attempted to knock out the pins. As simple and environmentally friendly games go, this one was easy to set up and all 16 of us got a turn to have a strike at the cans. The game turned out to be quite challenging and entertaining for everyone.

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