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From Nicolette Meyer, Mongolia YEP

I’ve heard so many stories, videos and photos about the Pangaea. These documented experiences were those, that make you want to see the boat for yourself, run your fingers along its aluminium hull and experience sailing aboard it.

After going to the Mongolia selection camp, I immediately jumped at the opportunity of visiting this legendary boat. And the boat didn’t disappoint. When arriving at the One°15 marina club where the boat was docked at, it was the first boat I saw: it was grey among white boats, it was towering above us all with its 35m high mast and it had of course the magical words at the front of the hull: “Pangaea”.

The boat itself wasn’t the only highlight of my visit: I also had the opportunity of meeting Mike Horn for the first time. The day we were allowed to sleep over on the boat, Mike was telling us stories about his recent climb of Broad Peak as well as his other explorations and adventures. Even into the early hours of the morning (1am!!!) we were listening to his every word, totally mesmerised. I will hang on to every single story that he told that night, and remember them for the rest of my life…

Another exciting experience on the Pangaea was when Mike brought some of us Young Explorers onto a nearby island aboard the dinghy. Our little boat cruised across the channel and we soon arrived on the beach of Pulau Tekukor. Mike had already told us the aim of our visit: to see the pollution just in our backyard, which we could barely believe as Singapore is said to be a “clean and green” city. When I first saw the beach I thought it actually looked quite clean. I looked into the water and amongst the coral rubble there was actually some live coral. I thought, “This may not be so bad”. But of course, it was just an illusion. Once we got off onto the beach, I could truly see what Mike was talking about: everywhere, there was just garbage. The rubbish ranged from plastic bottles, to fishing nets and even a television and part of a World War II ship’s hull. I was truly disgusting to see how we humans don’t put in the effort to keep our oceans and beaches clean. And of course as Young Explorers, we knew we have to do something about this small stretch of polluted beach: in the coming weeks, we will organise a beach cleanup involving YEPs from the region. One day, we’ll take out a boat, clean this beach along with a few friends, separate the rubbish and bring it back to the marina. We will hopefully have the press there, to show Singapore how polluted our seas truly are and that something needs to be done to clean up our waters.

From Elena Kiseleva, India YEP

For the last year I managed to visit Switzerland, UAE, India, Baikal, and only thanks to the Pangaea project. Recently I found myself in Singapore, one of the most incredible countries I've ever seen. Being a member of Pangaea family is an opportunity to meet people with the same goals and ideas from all over the world. So, I was invited to Singapore by Basil, a participant of Himalaya expedition. As we knew that the boat is on Sentosa island, we decided to meet the crew one day.

Frankly speaking, after India expedition I was afraid of the fact that I will never see Mike Horn team again. It's a feeling when you consider yourself as a part of something important and don't want to lose it. All of us were deeply surprised to know that Mike is on Pangaea as well. Moreover, about 20 journalists from different countries were invited for the Pangaea project's presentation. So, our visit of Pangaea became a wonderful adventure.

It's difficult to describe my feelings when I was staying on the top of the boat again like six months ago during India expedition. There were not «my» young explorers around that made me sad but anyway, I'm sure we won't lose each other in the future as there are too many things that connect us.

I managed to speak with Mike Horn about his plans regarding Baikal, the world's oldest and deepest lake, which I visited in March as a Pangaea ambassador. It is located in Siberia, where West meets East. If you arrived from Asia, it would be worth adding «Welcome to Europe», and if from Europe – «Welcome to Asia». But the most amazing and magical thing of this place is unforgettable nature which has to be protected. I hope we'll be able to start any environmental project there and attract other young explorers to this part of Russia.

Well, my report comes to an end and I want to add just one more thing. A several days ago before visiting Pangaea I turned 20, and my new friends from Mongolia selection camp, Basil and the crew made me a celebration right on the boat! I bet it was one of the unbelievable presents that I could get! I got added evidence that everything is possible in this life.

From From: Basil Tan She Jeeng, Himalaya YEP

The visit to the Pangaea made me understand what it would be like to live on a boat! I am extremely fortunate to visit the Pangaea so often as it is currently docked in a marina in Singapore. The friendly crew, the smell of the boat made me feel at ho! me despite the fact the I have never lived on a vessel before.

Meet ing Mike: It has been more than 1 month since I last met Mike Horn! It was a pleasure meeting him again. However, this time was different. The Mike I knew 1 month ago was not here anymore. This Mike I know, successfully scaled another 8000M peak without the aid of oxygen after three attempts. The wealth of knowledge he has gathered after this 1 month can be seen through his soul and spirit. Scaling the summit was not for personal glory, it was a journey of self-discovery. It would be this journey that would provide him with the tools to educate us, the young explorers. I am thankful that I had a chance to meet him again!

From Li Jie, Mongolia Selection Camp YEP

Dear Mike Horn Team,
Being aboard the Pangaea was the best way to experience my maiden trip on a boat. One word describes my experience: Amazing. That was how I felt throughout the trip. I was in awe when I first saw Pangaea docked at One Degree 15 Marina in my country, Singapore! It was the most colourful and massive boat among the rest of the boats docked there. The crew members were so warm and friendly. I am blessed to have visited the Pangaea 3 times and each visit was memorable in its own way.
The tour of the Pangaea gave me an insight of how the Young Explorers lived during their expeditions. Through my own experiences on the boat, a exciting sailing trip out in the southern Singapore waters and a sleepover onboard the Pangaea, I could understand the Young Explorers experience on the boat better. I also had hands on experience with raising the sail and cleaning the deck. It was as if I was one of the young explorers on an expedition.
Elena, a Russian girl, from the India expedition was also there to share with us her experiences on Pangaea and how she felt coming back again. I am fascinated by how Pangaea is specially built with environmental features such as solar panels, rubbish compressor and cooling system using seawater.
During one of the visits to Pangaea, I was so surprised to see Mike on the boat. Nicolette and I thought that Mike would only arrive in Singapore in the next few days. When we saw someone sitting there quietly, it took us a few seconds to realize that the person was actually Mike. We were so surprised to see him.
The reason for my amazement was because I had never met him up till that day. Before that, I had only heard about him and saw a part of his documentary during the camp, so it was an honour meeting him in person. I was also blessed to have the opportunity to hear his vast experiences of his expeditions which also included his latest summit success in Broad Peak. It was so interesting to hear his stories and we learnt a lot from him which we would neither get from books nor from the classroom.
There were much more to tell but time didn’t permit him to go on. Even though I wasn’t selected to go on the Mongolia expedition with him, I am very happy that I had the chance to meet him here in Singapore.
During his story telling session, he told us about his plans for the future after the Young Explorer program. It was so exciting to hear that there are more projects coming up. Mike also opened up my eyes to a side of Singapore that I have never been too. It was one of the islands off Singapore. This uninhabited island is inaccessible unless you have a boat and permission from the authorities. He showed us the rubbish accumulated on the shore and this has encouraged us to have a cleanup project on this island as soon as possible. He also showed us the difference between an island where people often visit and the uninhabited island.
Through this short trip by dinghy, he has educated me about the environment. It truly lives up to his motto: explore (the island), learn (about the effects of the rubbish and oil spill) and act (clean up projects).
I truly want to thank the Mike Horn Team for the opportunity given to me. Thank you once again for selecting me for the selection camp. Pangaea has indeed opened up the world to me! It has exposed me to different views of the world. It also has let me experience many exciting and wonderful things which I have never done before. I am truly lost for words as it has indeed been the best summer of my life. Now I will start sharing with people around me about my experience and the importance of doing our part to save the environment. A very big thank you to all of you!

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