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YEP’s in Hockenheim

Come on guys, we need more people at the fences! Everybody is watching the speeding racers on the track – where are you?

The “International Student Formula 1” is an international design competition sponsored by engineering and automotive companies to build specialists for tomorrow. Students from universities worldwide construct their own racing vehicles and participate in the dynamic competition here in Hockenheim, Germany.

For first time 18 teams tackled the challenge of building an electric vehicle. Surprisingly the quiet electric cars from the universities easily broke the speed records of the older rattling combusted vehicles.

But what did the young explorers do there? They spread the message of Pangaea by talking to participants about future mobility. The fast and furious AMG SLS and the economic B-Class F-Cell were exhibited and showed examples for progress in battery and fuel cell technology. We informed the students about the Mercedes B-class, offered them test drives and informed them about Pangaea and our experiences in India and Malaysia. It was really interesting to discuss our ideas with the motivated students!

Over 2000 participants from Germany, Britain, the US, Russia, Egypt, India and Iran showed their skills and enthusiasm of engineering. Electricians, mechanics, managers and designers, about 30 students in all per team, designed, constructed and presented their unique car.

During the four days in Hockenheim the participants pushed themselves and their machines to the upmost limits. Of course the feeling of winning is a great triumph. Crossing the goal line is the step to their career and it is our ticket to a sustainable mobility for the future.

Hopefully we can convince other motor sport fans to also save their ears as well as our environment!

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