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YEP Selection Camp – Day 7

5th of December 2009 – Day 7 – Blog written by Elena and Mark

Today was arguably one of the most anticipated days so far on the fourth Pangaea Selection Camp, and it did not disappoint! After a 40 minute drive to the base of the Les Diablerets Glacier, during which many young explorers stole some much needed sleep, we were given our climbing equipment and prepared ourselves for the physically challenging day ahead. We were confronted with knee-deep snow in our ascent to the peak, but continued to push ourselves until we reached the top. With the picturesque view of the Swiss Alps unfolded before us, we celebrated our accomplishments by enjoying a picnic at the peak 3000m above sea level. Before commencing our descent, we practised our rescuing skills by simulating a fall down a cravasse in the glacier. Led by our trusty moutain guides, we hauled each other to safety, with many sore muscles resulting.

Upon our return we were set with a mission to make a short advertisement for the Pangaea Project. Equipped with cameras and our imagination, we began the early stages of filming and will complete our advertisements tomorrow.

Later in the day we were paid a visit by four previous Young Explorers, who shared with us their advice and encouragement.

Today’s climb to the glacier further instilled our love for the environment with the view of the mountains reminding us of the beauty of this planet. We also developed a trust in each other during the rescue simulation, putting our safety in our fellow explorers’ hands. These exercises also prepared us for the highly speculated upcoming raid. The visit by the previous explorers showed us how the YEP community is a tight family, one with a common goal of EXPLORE, LEARN, ACT.

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