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YEP Selection Camp – Day 5

3rd of December 2009 – Day 5 – Blog written by Paridhi and Manuel.

Someone once said and we quote, « Don’t wait for your ship to come in – swim out to it ». That is exactly how we young YEPers started our fifth day at the Indian Expedition Selection Camp at Château d’oex. – Swimming.

But have you ever asked yourself how you’ll go to a swimming pool without any directions or road signs. Sometimes you don’t know where to go, especially in life. Those times when you’re left alone in a plain white field of snow amid the mountains. Sometimes you need some guidiance.

After some food after swimming we had some food for thought and learned how to cope with such a situation. Well actually we got a map and a compass and with the help of the mountain guides figured how to get around town. This was our ordeal. One that was entertaining and fulfilling.

Explore, Learn and Act. This is the correct approach to solve any problem – big or small in life. And from the Pangaea motto we drew our inspiration to complete the task at hand. While one group was finding their way another group was running for their lives. Well that’s just exaggerating. But we started our test today with the guys from the Mayo Clinic who came especially from the US to help with the physical and medical leg of the selection camp.

All work and no play apparently makes Jack a dull boy. To counter all dullness us kids had an interesting dance session in the evening inside the Hotel dè Ville with groovy music and dimmed lights. Fun !! This was followed by a sumptious meal and an informative presentation from Wenger. You know the Swiss army knives.

And we also collected our ideas for a YEP knife adapted to our needs and sturdy enough for the rough conditions in India at the same time.

So adventure ; here we come!

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