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YEP Selection Camp – Day 11

9th of December 2009 – Selection Day for our Young Explorers

After 10 days of varied activities in the picturesque valley of the Pay d'Enhaut in Switzerland, 16 Young Explorers pack their bags and return to their respective countries around the world. Eight of them have been chosen to attend the Pangaea Expedition in January 2010 as Mike Horn and the exploration sailboat Pangaea sail into Indian territories to explore the biodiversity and the effects on humanity on the Ganges River.

The eight selected Young Explorers are:
Reuben Foster, 18ans, South Africa / Paridhi Rustogi, 14yrs, India / Mark Thompson, 16yrs, Australia / Lucie Knor, 16yrs, Germany / Manuel Löffler, 19yrs, Germany / Valentina Marzola, 15yrs, Italy / Florence Beffa, 17yrs, Switzerland / Catherine Meyer, 20 yrs, USA.

"This was the best experience of my life. I want to say 'thank you' to the Mike Horn Team who have gaven me the chance of being here. This is the end of the road but also the beginning of another. I'm very excited to start working and to begin to make a difference to the world around me." Maria Florencis Escudero, 17, Argentina."

Mike Horn and his team are now preparing for the next leg of the Pangaea Expedition. The program 'EXPLORE-LEARN-ACT' for India is in it's final preparations and promises to be a amazing adventure. Our young explorers will be witnesses of the remarkable contrasts between man and Nature as they travel into the Delta of the Ganges River.

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