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YEP Reunion 2011 – Day 5

Chilly evening in the Alps, all the YEPs are at the campsite. By the campfire, we sat reflecting on our great adventure of the day. We had woken at 6am ready to start one of our many YEP Adventures: the re-raid, hiking from Chateau d’Oex to Montreux on Lake Geneva through the Swiss Alps. It took us 9 hours of walking through rain and mud trying to find our way through the mountains. Arriving in Montreux, and witnessing the relative enormity of Lake Geneva made all of our effort feel worthwhile. To boot, Becci and Florence waited for us in the train station with 24 boxes of well-deserved pizza! We ate lunch seated smelly and dirty on the steps of the train station. To us it felt normal, but passersby were curious… our final 30K was a train-ride back to Chateau d’Oex in our privately reserved train car—we felt so privileged!
These are the kinds of experiences that helps us YEPs to bond more closely together and remind us why we are all a part of the Pangaea Family. ☺

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