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YEP meeting in Stuttgart

Lake clean-up at the 2nd YEP meeting in Stuttgart

It was about sharks, about the pollution of our oceans by plastic, it was about the Pangaea Food Gardening Project, about acting, exchanging ideas, meeting each other, discussing and having fun.

On 29th May the second Young Explorers Meeting was held in Stuttgart. We all arrived with high expectations as YEP meetings are well known for unforgettable encounters and spontaneous actions, which didn’t come off badly, this time.

At 09:00 we met at the train station in Stuttgart. Lörrach, Basel, Darmstadt, Freiburg and Heidelberg, we all had quite a long journey behind us. But already at the station was clear: It was worth it. Together we made our way to Cafe Künstlerbund at the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart. After Manuel and Florence gave us a short presentation on their India Expedition, Simon gave us an introduction on the Pangaea Shark Project.
Then we went out for the distribution of YEP flyers and the selling of Postcards for the Pangaea Food Gardening Project. The interest of the people seemed to be particularly great that day.

Suddenly Marian came up with an extraordinary idea: "Let’s clean up the lake at the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart”, he said. A cleanup in the middle of Stuttgart? Sounds crazy?

But we didn’t hesitate for a long time: Shoes off, trousers rolled up and there we went. Within half an hour, we collected six bags of plastic trash. The action was a complete success. People began to ask about what we do. We were able to arouse their interest and tell them about the problem of plastic in our oceans. Of course every one of the passers were given a YEP flyer.

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