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YEP 9 Selection Camp – Day 11

8 Young explorers selected to join Mike in Nunavut !

Zuzanna Lukasik, 17yrs, Poland / Mikhayla Bader, 17yrs, South Africa / Valentin Dorsaz, 15yrs, Switzerland / Henko Roukema, 18yrs, South Africa / Xue Xi, 20yrs, China / Simon Zuberbühler, 18yrs, Switzerland / Ricarda Schenker, 17yrs, Germany / Ansgar Fellendorf, 18yrs, Austria

By Mikayla

I am glad that I did no was not the one who had to choose the 8 Young Explorers who will travel with Mike to Nunavut as it must have been an extremely difficult decision to make. However the past 10 days have accurately challenged us physically, mentally and emotionally and therefore revealing who we truly are in ways we perhaps did not even know ourselves. What I found very interesting was how different people react when they are pushed to their limits and how they react to others who have reached theirs.

The moment of truth arrived and we sat in the common area waiting to hear the results, all of us staring at Martin and reflecting on everything we have done over the past 10 days. As each name is called everyone cheers politely, happy for our team mate but also thinking “that’s one less spot.” Finally the 8 were announced and of course there was the contrast between elation and disappointment. And then because we have become such a close knit family, the two emotions mixed and elation was dampened by sadness for our team mates and the disappointment was lifted with excitement for us.

Personally, I am over the moon with the decision of the 8 Young Explorers who will travel to Nunavut and I believe it is a diverse, strong, motivated and fun group of people that I look forward to sharing a once in a life time experience with. I am confident that the ones who were not selected will continue to work with the Pangaea Project and I hope that they understand that their skills and strengths will be needed in another
project soon.

We will all continue to work together, uniting the corners of the world and spreading the Pangaea Message.




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