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YEP 7 Exp Kamchatka Day 10

«Live to feel ALIVE«, Mike says after yet again another jaw dropping speech is delivered to us young explorers. In this exact moment I think to myself… `living to feel alive` is exactly what we are doing here in Kamchatka.

The moment my eyes open, as I sit up in my sleeping bag, my first frosty exhale, my veins thump and fire under pressure, but It`s not only the returning sun that causes my eye lids to open, it`s the adrenaline and excitement of what is to come for the day. Every day, I rename the best day of my life!

Today the adrenaline was for our plans to summit Avacahinsky Volcano which is 2741 meters high. Once again a b e a u-tiful Russia breakfast down (many thanks to Elena and Elena in the kitchen) the team was straight out the door quick smart with the snow capped mountain in our sights. But our steps slowed as … “hey, hey guys, picture, picture”, ohh Dmitry again? We all laughed =) (our camera man, with his Russia accent). A few happy snaps later we strategically cross a river valley and reach the base of our goal = the foot of the mountain.

The sight from the bottom is amazing, steams of low cloud folding and curling like a wave over the sharp ridges, high cloud formations spin and stretch around the higher peaks, snow blankets the steep valleys covering and hiding unknown dangers. Scanning the ridges, valleys, peaks, and formations with our eyes, we configure a route and start the climb. The altitude increases fast with our determination high, and as we get higher the beauty grows. The view from above of the valleys, linking into the creeks, then to the rivers, really makes you feel on top of life and in control.

Our rain soaked clothing begins to freeze, the rocky ridge peaks we balance on ice over, and the rocky steep substrate that we master up becomes a slippery stair case. With winds turning into punching gusts, we become a wear that the conditions are worsening to a threatening danger of no return. We come to a point of 1300metres high this is the half way point. The team balances on a rocky ridge looking down over a wide never ending landscape, but looking up to the summit which is the peak of our goal. With doubt on our minds and the threat of these worsening conditions, we have to decide if we take a huge risk of a potential no return, or we descend to wait out mother nature.
Of course the temptation was huge to reach our goal, but to descend we get to live another day, and wait for our chance to try again tomorrow. The Kamchatka elements have stopped us today, but the Kamchatka elements make me feel alive to live it to the maximum every day.

Let`s wait and see what this amazing place presents us tomorrow.

Good Night
Love from Hayden

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