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YEP 6 Exp Mongolia Day 6

Not much news from the team today as they were on the move the entire day!

After the five day horse trek the team are now making their way back to Ulaanbaatar.  Tomorrow another long day lies ahead as they will travel to Dalanzagad in the Gobi Desert and prepare the trek to the Yol Valley.


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When you think of Mongolia, you might thnk of steppe, desert and horses but also a famous man might cross your mind: Genghis Khan – the founder of the Mongolian empire who united the nomadic tribes of northeast Asia and then started the famous Mongol invasion that devastated most of Eurasia.

Genghis Khan established the largest ever existing empire, extending from the Caspian Sea to the Sea of Japan, with over 700 tribes and cities under his rule. In just 25 years, the Mongols conquered more lands and people than the Romans in over 400 years. After defeating a country, Genghis Khan ensured the availability of food and security for its people and established viable governments, often with local officials left in charge. He also allowed prevailing religious observances to continue without persecution.

Besides being a brilliant military strategist, Genghis Khan has been credited with such social advances as the introduction of paper money, the postal system, and religious tolerance. He started taxing the elite but never taxed doctors, teachers, engineers and craftsmen.

Did you know that even Genghis Khan cared about the environment? Environmental protection has a long tradition in Mongolia Already Dschinggis Khan released a very strict law to protect the surface waters.

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