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YEP 6 Camp Mongolia Day 5

Day 5 – Blog written by Lucas and Magdelena

Our day once again started with a 6 :30am wakeup, heading out into the forest on a mountain biking tour with Martin. We were all given bikes and helmets to use and were quickly found racing through the streets of Château-d’Oex before finding single tracks in the pristine alpine landscape. Despite finding it a little bit difficult due to differences in cycling experience and ability, everyone enjoyed the ride.

After having breakfast, we once again divided into the two groups from yesterday and split up to go to our morning activities. These were to be reversed in the afternoon session.

The first session included further testing with the Mayo Fitness Clinic. This consisted of a variety of different tests, including body composition, lung function, balance, strength, flexibility, agility, power and endurance. The main points of talk after the testing where the balance test and the famous ‘Cooper Test’. The Cooper Test required us to run as far as we could in 12 minutes – probably the most dreaded 12 minutes of the camp! Due to the soccer pitch being refurbished, we had to undertake the challenge in a freshly mowed field underneath the Château-d’Oex cable car. It did however mark the end to an interesting, yet physically demanding set of tests.

Whilst the first group were doing the fitness testing, the second group had a seminar on first aid run by Martin and Claude-Alain. This intially involved learning about the required contents of a first aid kit, before moving on to using equipment and belongings to perform a successful rescue. We were introduced to the ‘Sam Splint’ and learnt how we can use certain items to perform a rescue if someone is injured, ranging from neck/arm/leg support and creating a stretcher out of backpacks.

This was then put in to practice when we were driven out to a canyon, and required to abseil a cliff and perform a rescue. It was the first time abseiling for many of us, but everyone took on the challenge and enjoyed the experience.  Once we all reached the bottom of the canyon, we set up a mock rescue and put in to practice the skills we had learnt prior.

Once the day's activities were complete, we were given a presentation on water sanitation by one of the official sponsors of the Pangaea Project, Geberit. Two representatives from Switzerland informed us about water sustainability and the various sanitation projects that they are supporting in conjunction with Mike Horn and the Pangaea Project. It was a very stimulating discussion that made us all think about the water situation in our own communities and the kind of projects we can undertake to improve it.

After a scrumptious pizza meal, Daniele Oppizi from iLand presented his transportable solar panel product that the YEP’s used on the recent Himalaya Expedition. This revolutionary technology was amazing due to its efficiency, durability and practicalness.

Everyone is getting an early night before a big day white water rafting and canyoning tomorrow !



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