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YEP 6 Camp Mongolia Day 11



It was a hard decision for the Mike Horn Team.The Gobi Young Explorers have been selected !

Congratulations to the following YOUNG EXPLORER`S selected to join Mike Horn for the Gobi Expedition:

From left to right: Lucas Lovell 18 yrs, AU, Constantin Vogt, 19 yrs, DE, Magdalena Gründl, 18 yrs, DE, Tirza Niklaus, 18 yrs, CH, Nicolette Meyer, 17 yrs, SG, Martin Añon, 20 yrs, AR, Akira Biondo, 19 yrs, CH, Inge Pieterson, 20 yrs, ZA
It was an emotional event at the announcement. Shortly after this the Young Explorer found themselves saying fairwell to their new friends all prepared and packed ready to return home.

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