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YEP 5 Himalaya Expedition Day 15


14th of June 2010: Mike Horn's Team leads Pangaea's Young Explorers to a victorious summit of an unknown peak at just over 6'000 meters of altitude in the Himalaya's. He reports; "It was a tough climb. The Young Explorers showed incredible stamina and determination to reach the summit. They dealt remarkably with the weather, deep snow and high altitude. The Pangaea Team, Mayo Clinic research specialists and Nazir Sabirs team worked together with expertise and professionalism. The idea of leaving the Pangaea name on the atlas and marking this spot for eternity symbolises the goals of the young explorers – to enlighten the younger generation about the beauty of the planet and find ways to protect it for the future generations for years and years to come."

June 14 th 2010 – Summit Day

"Today was one of those days that you do not want to forget for a long time. With allot of hard work will power and dedication the young explorers stood proudly on the summit of an unclimbed peak, it is now up to them to name the peak, and that part of the Baltoro history has been written."

"Seeing them from a distance climbing to the top and being the first expedition this year to reach an unnamed summit in the Karakoram mountain range, made me extremely proud of what they have achieved.
It was not only a physical mountain they were climbing but an internal mountain, growing inside them self's each step of the way.  This achievement will make them better people and will change their life's forever. A unique opportunity provided to them that they grabbed on with both hands and treasured all the way to the top."

"In today's life we as adults, try and protect our kids instead of setting them free, giving them wings to fly so that they can discover their own capabilities and who they really are."

"With this I would like to thank all my sponsors for giving us all in Pakistan this unique opportunity."

Mike Horn

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