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YEP 12 Africa Expedition – Day 6

Blog written by Seb & Nora

What an eventful day! Off to a not so great start for our first day on PANGAEA, with wind speeds of 40 knots and 20 foot high waves!

Just about everybody was bedridden throughout the day with seasickness, not a pleasant sight or smell.
Perhaps the highlight of the day was at dinner time, we’d managed to rouse everyone for some pasta and just as we all came out to the conference room about 3 people started spontaneously throwing up, so much for dinner, that sent everyone right back to bed. Luckily though neither Moose, Dima or Richard were around to capture that little moment for the Moose cut.

All duties for the day were cancelled, including the watch system, and Mike, Tristan and Jacek took control of the boat for the day.

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