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YEP 12 Africa Expedition – Day 13

Blog written by Ollie and Nora

We had an early morning start waking up to a light drizzle, all dressed up in new gear ready fort he expected ride ahead. The normal breakfast then we were quickly assigned our bike and ordered to take a short spin around the camp sight to get a feel of them. As Mike arrived we headed out on the start of a muddy trail.

Thankfully today we had no serious wipe out aside from the almost casualty. Ollie spun out and holding on for dear life managed to regain control in the nick of time. Coming from the desert we were all stunned to see the lush vegetation and rock formations all around us. However due to the conditions of rain and cold weather we ended up pumping our bikes through thick muddy dirt! Our path took us through the valleys of the Cederberg wilderness. Our 60 kilometre cycle left the group widely spread out and even the strongest of us are now suffering from severe cramps all up and down our legs.

The top priority once we arrived in at the camp sight was getting warm and luckily the showers were waiting for us with warm water. In one shower we squeezed in 6 people all hugging each other still with all our cycling gear on, already wet from the rain outside.

Now we sign off and huddle around the fire chomping down on our glorious Trek`n eat.

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