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YEP 12 Africa Expedition – Day 12

Written by Laura and Nada

Our day started nice and peaceful, comfortable sailing without anybody getting seasick. We had some amazing food on board, Kate and Oliver made pizza for us which we all enjoyed very much. Today was relaxing day – we were packing our stuff and looking forward to the biking trip. Next 4 days we will spend biking and exploring the unique nature of Cedeberg mountains. We were told that it will be an exhausting trip through the sand which will push us to our limits.

Both happy and a bit scared we arrived at our camping spot for the night. After a great dinner by the lake we got our equipment for the next days. Now it’s time for us to get some sleep for exhausting days ahead of us.

Written by Robert

I chose to give my Wenger knife to Ant, our river guide on the rafting section of the expedition. He works for Gravity Adventures based out of Cape Town and has been guiding for eight years. Ant loves the outdoors. He has traveled to 54 countries but keeps returning to this remote area of South Africa because he loves it so much. He picked us up in Pofadder and drove us to his camp on the Orange River. After helping us get set up that evening, we paddled off down the river the following morning. We ran exciting rapids, spotted all kinds of wildlife, and learned tons about the local environment. Throughout our two days on the river, Ant expertly guided us through tough rapids. He ensured we were safe and had fun at every bend. Ant was very grateful to receive the Wenger knife and I’m sure he will put it to great use.

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