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YEP 10 USA CAMP – Day 5

Blog by Michal and Jule

16 really cool mountain bikes were waiting for us when we met in front of the hotel at seven o'clock this morning. The morning exercise was mountain biking today!

We were split up into two groups and started moving. There were some awesome downhills and some fair uphills. We couldn't stop admiring the fascinating and beautiful scenery: the mountains, the river, the rising sun and Martin :).

After breakfast half of us finished the Mayo clinic test, and the other half listened to a presentation about GPS and GIS. Did you know that you need at least three satellites to exactly identify a location with a GPS receiver?

After the presentation we got GPS receivers and had to find two locations in groups of two. It wasn't that easy to find a way going into the direction we wanted to go to: Mario and Jule just didn't find a bridge to get over the river, so there was no way but going through the water… well, on the way back they finally found a bridge. 🙂

The afternoon started with the rest of the mayo clinic test for the second group. Body balance and flexibility were tested, Curl ups followed by push-ups, we did the shuttle run and finally the cooper test. For the cooper test we had to run laps on a field, trying to get as many as possible within 12 minutes. After the hard-earned shower we did some group pictures and interviews.

As every day here in Chateau d'Oex we learnt many useful things, had awesome experiences and lots of fun!

We are very grateful for all the opportunities given to us on the Selection Camp!



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