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Emotions where high as 8 candidates where selected this morning to attend the Mike Horn's PANGAEA Young Explorers Expedition in November to the Gulf of Mexico and the Everglades in Florida, USA.

Theresa Kaiser, 16 Germany,  Rick Kotze, 20 South-Africa,  Jule Holland, 17 Germany,  Anne-Kathrin Geiger, 18 Germany,  Ravyna Jassani, 15 Malaysia,  Aya Anholt, 16 Canada,  Dan Cullum, 19 New Zealand and Livio Knöri, 19 Switzerland.


Blog by Ravyna

The past week and a half have been some of the most intense and challenging days i've ever experienced in my life, but every second of it was so worth it! The breath-taking places we got to explore from all the morning excercises, workshops and the Raid!; the amazing things we got to learn from all the sponsors, experts , 'old' YEPs and Team; the life-long friends we made who we've experienced so much with and become so close to, that it feels impossible to believe that we've only known each other for 10 days!

Today was the last day of the camp. It was the day we had to say our goodbyes as well as find out which eight of us would be joing Mike Horn on board the Pangaea for the 10th YEP Expedition to the USA.
I didn't think that I would get selected out of all the other 14 amazing candidates, so when Martin called my name, I just couldn't believe it! It's such an incredible feeling knowing that i've been selected, as i've wanted this for so long and I never thought that I would make it this far, but I pushed through it all this time, and now i'm getting the chance to sail on board the Pangaea with Mike for the second time this year, and it's just so awesome and surreal, i'm still having a hard time believing that this is really happening!!!

At the same time, getting selected is a bittersweet feeling because it's sad knowing that there are 8 of us that won't be joining for the Expedition, but I hope that they continue to spread the Pangaea Message and know that this definitely isn't the end for you guys, it's just the beginning of your journey and adventures with Pangaea and the Young Explorers Program!

The Young Explorers Program has changed my life so much and opened up so many doors for me, from sailing around Sabah on board the Pangaea during the Borneo Project, the selection camp in Switzerland, to the Expedition in the Everglades and Gulf of Mexico in a month's time! It's just so crazy, and the experiences i've had are ones that will stay with me for a very, very long time.! So to all of you out there considering of applying or not really sure about it, my only advice to you is if you really want it, just go for it, and give it your ultimate best, you won't regret anything!

I'd like to end this blog by saying a massiveeeeeeeeeeeee THANK YOU to Mike Horn, the Team, the Sponsors and everyone who has made this Program possible and such a success!!! And I can't wait for the next adventure that comes along my way! 😀




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