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West2Wild – Day 4

Day 4 West2Wild

Today we had an opportunity to sleep late for a change and gather some energy after a hectic couple of days filled with lots of EXPLORing, LEARNing and ACTing! We could enjoy a nice warm shower for once and had a bowl of cereal for breakfast. We did a presentation at the summer youth camp next to the Nahoon Dam, with a great turn out of about 80 youths who all enjoyed the talks about our expeditions and projects! The Youth Camp’s theme was “Illumination” – and we adjusted our presentation to show them how youths can help to “illuminate” earth with clean-ups and also how we can all help to brighten the lives of others by being part of YEP .

Afterwards it was really special for all of us and made our hearts all warm when so many youths came talking to us and was excited about the Pangaea Project and how they wanted to get involved! I am convinced we will soon see many new YEP community members from the Border District ☺

This made me realize that the YEP community is not just about nature but also about helping others and shining out and setting an example for others to follow, and brightening our special world with good deeds! Because Pangaea is about the environment, and environment includes nature and people! We have all learned so much from the West2Wild Project especially about project planning – despite planning everything with precision, always be prepared to have plans changed at any moment due to unforeseen circumstances…and one should be able to adapt to these changes!

We left the Summer camp with so much inspiration to continue spreading the Pangaea message and only have about 100km to travel before joining the YEP Haga Haga project and we are all very excited!

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