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West2Wild – Day 3

Day 3: West2Wild Project

After waking up at the break of dawn, we packed up all our camping gear and got back on the road. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to a local YEP and new friend, Lani, as we continued on our journey up the beautiful coast of eastern South Africa. The drive up to East London was LONG, but filled with laughs and fun times never the less.

Driving through the Tsitsikama forest was spectacular! We all rolled down our windows to smell the fresh air and smell of new rain. It’s only been three days, but already we feel like a family, and enjoyed listening to each other stories and plans for the future. Despite getting a little lost in Kingwilliams town, we eventually found our way to the Summer Camp where we were to spend the night and give a presentation on "Pangaea".

We arrived and were so excited to find a working toilet and shower! Our camp was set up within a few minutes, then we were off to do a Clean Up project on the Hanoon Dam. After a series of funny events,
(which I’m sure you will all see in our own version of a ´moose cut´) we made it to the dam and got to work! We were disappointed with the large amount of litter, but were very proud after picking up 4 big black bags of rubbish!

After about 14 hours of travelling in the past three days, we were super keen to have a nice early night but not before making some delicious popcorn on our little gas stove! We had a very successful day, and look forward to our presentation tomorrow morning!

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