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Ushuaiaa – End of the world, beginning of everything!

For Mike and the young explorers, the adventure is starting!

The first thrill for our young explorers is to discover Pangaea, the 35 meter sailing vessel that will take them to Antarctica. Once onboard Nick, Pangaea’s captain, took our young adults for a guided tour and explained to them the boat and the security rules.

The day ended with a dinner organized by Pangaea’s Title Sponsor Mercedes-Benz to celebrate the start of the expedition.

On Thursday, after a well deserved long sleep, the young explorers were initiated to the life onboard. Before going for a sailing tour, they had to work and clean the deck and the windows. Then, en route for a sailing tour to discover the Argentinian coastline to the National Park. We could feel the emotion… what a pleasure to sail onboard of Pangaea.

Surprise ! The young explorers will not sail back to Ushuaia but walk back ! Training session for the Antarctic. With the guides, Claude-Alain, Fred and Erwan, and some crew members, they walked 20km!

Departure for Antarctica is getting closer… tomorrow they will get the equipment ready. Everybody is excited!

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