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Update 25 April 2010

On the 25th of April Mike lifts Pangaea's anchor and sails out of the port of Langkawi where she has spent the last two months undergoing repairs and maintenance work.

'We've been here long time', says Mike. 'We have acheived a great deal while we have been here but its great to pull up the sails and take to the ocean again. Since we have been here we have done a great deal of work on Pangaea, making her more 'user friendly' and fixing things that had been bothering me for quite a while now.'

'It was a wonderful experience staying in Malaysia and never before have I seen people so motivated to help us to acheive our goals. I saw many people from the governement and have had magnificent support since the first day I arrived.'

'We are leaving today but it will not be for long. Along with the support from the Malaysian government I will set up a camp for Malaysian youths, integrating them into the Pangaea Young Explorer Programme. The government will give us amazing opportunities and will let us use their land to teach our Pangaea ambassadors about conservation and protection of the environment.'

'Since we left Langkawi we haven't had the best sailing conditions. We have 25knots of head on winds and big swells. We'll sail for three days before arriving at our destination of Padang in Indonesia. We are traveling at 9 kots and have 481 nautical mikes to go.'

Mike will keep us informed of his progress as he sails to Indonesia and starts the next exciting leg of the Pangaea Expedition.

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