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Finally the Borneo ACT Project has started and it has started with a blast! At 3pm on Thursday the 14th of January, eigth Young Explorers met with Mike Horn in Kuala Lumpur and were welcomed by the Kuala Lumpur Aquarium (Aquaria) for a press conference to launch this exciting new progamme. Local media came to hear Mike Horn speak and to share the stories of the Young Explorers who have ventured from all corners of the world to participate in Pangaeas environmental programme. Now we are also calling out for the Malaysian Youth to get involved and to start caring for their magnificent coastline and marine life.

After the press conference the YEPs returned to Kota Kinabalu where Pangaea has been waiting patiently this last week in Sutera harbour.

After a nights comfortable sleep in Pangaea the work starts for the YEPs! Today they have been cleaning, shopping, stocking the cupboards with food and getting acquainted to the Pangaea crew and their new surroundings.

Late morning they will set sail to the region of Billiem Island. With two coral reef specialists onboard, they will go and look for hotspots where the Pangaea ACT Project can ACT, primarially concentrating on coastal clean-ups and the protection of the corals and marine life in the region. The team have their work cut out for them. Malaysia is the perfect place for the Pangaea ACT Project as here we can show the contrasts of Nature in its real and natural beauty, against Nature that has been harmed by human habitation.

Now it is time to act and to show the youth how they can help to preserve our planet for the future generations.

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