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Soweto Parks Satellite Project

Pangaea's Young Explorers, Carlien and Cobus, supported by Caroline Rupert and the all Mike Horn Team initiated the following project : "Building a park in Protea Glen, Soweto. The project was done with the help of local high schools and in co-operation with the Johannesburg City Parks." Mike, Martin and Caroline Rupert were there to support and congratulate Carlien and Cobus.

Carlien and Cobus said : "Our aim is two-fold: through the construction of a green area, we not only hope to raise awareness amongst the community but also amongst the participants in the creation of the park. We believe in the importance of young people making a stand and difference in our community today. Our target group would be the future of tomorrow: young adults in their teenage years like us (primarily between 16 and 18 years-old). Youth leading the way, making a change – by us for everyone".

We would like to thank Carlien, Cobus and Caroline Rupert. for their motivation, energy and engagement and we will soon be announcing our next satellite project that out YE's will be involved in!

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