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Running, Research and Co.

Blog written by Sarah HANUS

Running, Research & Co.

Hi everybody out there! First of all I would like to introduce myself! I'm Sarah, I live in the north part of Germany and I'm a very enthusiastic and motivated teenager with the dream of making the world a better place and going to the Amazon! That's why I applied for the Amazon Expedition. Now there are only three weeks left until the Selection Camp and though I haven't really realised it yet. I never thought 2012 could start so exciting for me!

Let's take a brief review.

19th of December: I was waiting to recieve the message whether I was chosen for the Selection Camp or not. I checked my mailbox impatiently about every hour. Nothing. I even woke up at 5am and checked my mailbox, still nothing. I was about to go crazy!

20th of December: I was still checking my mailbox, more impatiently now. Then I saw the mail: "CONGRATULATIONS! You have been successful in your application for the Pangaea Young Explorers Program“. I had to read it twice until I realised the meaning of this message. Then I completely freaked out, cutting capers in my room! I would go to Switzerland! It was such a great feeling and I was running around the whole day with that big smile in face.

This mail was followed by many more and after two days I was completely overloaded by all the information and things to be done. But with a To-Do list everything gets more organised.

I gathered together all the information I had about the Amazon and Brazil. Afterwards I went to the library to get some books about Brazil and I started reading. I also began to research in the internet and with every picture I saw and every sentence I read my excitement was growing! How great would it be seeing this huge river with the rainforest at his shore with my own eyes? And afterwards spreading my experience in my town, region and country?

But it also made me sad getting to know more about all the problems existing in the Amazon Region. I began to feel guilty for it, because we humans destroy something so beautiful. But it's not only nature's beauty that we destroy but our own basis of life. If we don't act quikly it will probably be too late. I think every human on this planet should be aware of the environmental problems and should make a little change, because I believe that if everybody of us 7 billion people changes a bit, we can make this planet a better place! I also started thinking about how we could preserve the Amazon Region from further deforestation and what kind of project could be realised during the expedition. Sometimes I already start to think in English! That's crazy!

What more am I doing for the preparation of the camp? Well, I try to get in a good physical condition by running every second day, going by bike to school, doing push-ups and sit-ups. I think I've never done so much sport in so short time before!

Furthermore, I try to get the equipment for the camp together, but fortunately I have got most of it due to skiing nearly every year. Last but not least I'm trying to get to know the other 17 Young Explorers better. It's great getting to know so many teenagers from everywhere around the world who all have the same goals! They are really amazing and motivated persons. I'm so happy to see them in 3 weeks! I think, we will have a great time together in Chateau-d'Oex! I'm so excited about all the challenges and adventures! These 10 days will be a life changing and unforgettable experience!

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