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Preparation for the Magnetic North Pole Expedition

Christopher and Luana are preparing together for the North Pole Expedition. Their strict training schedule includes endurance as well as strength training. Read here what they were up to this weekend!
We step out of the train and are greeted by smiling Michelle (Malaysia YEP) who has prepared a very special surprise for the two us today. She managed to organize two big black tires which we will drag up and down the mountains surrounding the small village we just arrived at.

Together with Michelle and Tiziana (Himalaya YEP) we start our training. Partly the path gets so narrow that we have shoulder the heavy tires to continue our hike. This is definitely good training and a lot of fun at the same time!

Michelle and Tiziana share their experience and stories with us and along the way we meet many interested people who want to know why on earth we are pulling those tires. “The tire is supposed to simulate the heavy sledge we will have to pull on the ice”, we explain to them.  No matter who – young couples, old couples, families or scouts –everybody gets so excited when we tell them that our expedition is going to the Magnetic North Pole.

It is indeed all very exciting and we simply cannot wait for this adventure to start. We are amazed when we see how many people get enthusiastic about our expedition – this is a huge motivation for us. Next training session here we come!

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