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Peru Project – Day 8

Young Explorers Blog – Day 8

Our day started with a beach cleanup. We packed up all our things and left to clean Punta Luna beach in honor to Fernando Paraud †. Trying our best to avoid the enormous amount of jellyfish on the shore, we started to walk along the beach. Punta Luna is in the middle of nowhere, thus we were amazed by the massive quantity of plastic bottles, toothbrushes, lamps, shoes, fishing nets, ropes and cans we found. The rest of the team brought the cars to carry the 980 liters of trash we collected in just a few kms of this isolated beach.

We then got ready to continue our journey. Alberto Lavarello (Andreas father) taught us about Peru’s geography and ancient cultures and we headed to Chiclayo passing through many different Sechura desert’s landscapes. On our way we were lucky to see a juvenile condor crossing the road. Four hours later we were parking at the “Tumbas Reales de Sipan” museum where we learned more about the Mochica culture.

After a quick stop for gas refill and we left Chiclayo in direction to Chaparri Reserve.

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